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Thought Leadership

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, we can help you demonstrate your sector knowledge and expertise, to showcase why you’re the best choice among your industry peers. Writing thought leadership is our speciality with our team of experienced writers adept at turning complex ideas into engaging, easy-to-read articles that appeal to a much broader audience.

We’ve ghost-written thought leadership articles for C-suite executives in sectors ranging from banking, carbon markets, financial services, cryptocurrencies and the energy transition and make the process as time efficient as possible. An initial thirty-minute call between your thought leader and one of our specialist writers is then turned into a first draft.

Client feedback on the draft is then incorporated into a second draft before a final round of finessing produces the finished version that delivers on all of your objectives: impactful, thought-provoking and clearly marking you out from the crowd as an industry leader.

White Papers

While thought leadership can be an excellent way to showcase your business or executive’s sector expertise to a wide audience, these only scratch the surface of the depth of knowledge that underpins what your business does. However, crafting a white paper can be an incredibly time-consuming and energy-sapping undertaking.

Within our network of more than 4,000 journalists, we’re confident of finding the perfect writer for your business, to help turn your complex ideas and thoughts into an actionable White Paper that can influence policy. You bring the sector intelligence and we’ll match that with the journalistic heft and diligence required to produce high quality content to meet your exacting deadlines.


The creative pressure of having to produce weekly, fortnightly or monthly blogs can really weigh on you. So let us take away that strain and let one of our dedicated writers dial in on your business and bring to life your recent activities and anchor that back to a topical event to elevate your content as well as keeping you on top of the latest trends.

Our journalistic background means we know what will catch readers’ eyes and keep their attention with a series of expertly-crafted blog posts that showcase your business’ journey and keep your name at the forefront of their minds.

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